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3D Animation

The goal of our 3D animation courses is to get the student to understand the design consideration of a 3D animation, with all its wide variety of elements, and to be able to create full 3D animation movies.  Professionals normally specialise in or two aspects only of 3D design, and spent many years specializing and mastering those particular aspects. We try to give the student a taste of a variety of assets which, when come together, create the magnificiant world of 3D animation.

Most 3D courses are taught from scratch, and all the way to intermediate and some advanced features, such as FX elements. Some courses are available also with the relevant scripting programming language.

Our 3D courses cover a variety of 3D application programmes, from open source free to all and into the professional 3D design tools, some of which are listed herewith


2D Animation

Our set of 2D animation courses cover a wide variety of target implementations of 2D – from animated logos, text, banners, web site elements such as animated menus, and all the to full animated movie clips or full movies, combined video and animation and interactive games.  

We will cover the principles of animation – from objects to humans and other living creatures, with all the complexity, creativity and fun which make 2D animation so exciting for developers and viewers.

There are few tools which are very popular with developers – Adobe tools such as Animate (Flash), HTML 5, JavaScript, the old Fireworks etc.

Our 2D courses cover a variety of 2D application programmes, some of which are listed herewith


Additional elements, such as graphics design, photo editing, basic web design, video editing, after effects and audio are all touched and taught to a minimal but satisfactory level, in order to support the animation movies, and add a more professional look and feel to the final product. These elements are threaded into beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

Most courses are taught from scratch, and all the way to intermediate and some advanced features. Some courses are available also with the relevant scripting programming language.

Each one of the courses is set in a way, that enable the student to acquire the desired and required knowledge in those elements. In addition, the courses are focused on developing the student’s ability to enhance their knowledge, and even branch out to new areas and animation programmes, on their own. Becoming self-sufficient in knowledge acquisition is a fundamental belief of mine.

Each set of courses can be tailored for the student’s requirements and tasks in hand, and can be delivered, normally in sessions of one to three hours each for 2D, and two to three hours each for 3D, and over weekly meetings, or intensively over few day or weeks. Most courses will start at introductory, beginners level and move all the way through intermediate to an advanced level.

We aim to expand the set of courses we provide, taking into account professional and market trends, and contemporary, emerging technologies. Hence adding new courses to our portfolio. Please enquire with us about subjects which are not listed yet on the web site.  

3d Animation Courses

  • Maya
  • Mudbox
  • Blender
  • Unity

Students sample work

This a sample of my students, Jonjo, 3D work. click to view:

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2d Animation Courses

  • Adobe Animate
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Character Animator
  • HTML 5


3D Maya Courses

  • Interface & organisation
  • Setting up
  • Object Manipulation
  • Modelling – Polygonal
  • Modelling – Nurbs
  • Animating
  • Textures & Materials
  • Lights & Rendering
  • Batch Rendering
  • Video in Premier Pro
  • Video in After Effects
  • Maya Rendering for After Effects
  • Character modelling – head | body | Hair | Clothes | face
  • Rigging character | human
  • Texture maps
  • Paint
  • Game Prop Creation
  • Game Environment Creation
  • FX – Particles | Fire | Smoke | Fireworks \ Explosions | Fluid | Liquid
  • FX Bullet – Dominos | Balls | Shatter glass | Wind | Curtains

3D Blender Courses

  • Interface
  • Selecting & Translating objects
  • Modelling - basic principals
  • Modelling - advanced
  • Materials & Textures
  • Lights & Shading
  • Cameras
  • Rendering
  • Animating
  • Simulation
  • Character Rigging
  • Compositing & Sequencing
  • Creating a movie



The tuition is delivered preferably at the tutor's home - which is equipped with everything which is required for efficient 3D courses delivery -multiple computers, overhead projector, strong internet connection and more. However - tuition can be delivered at the student's home - if the learning environment is appropriate for our courses.


Tutor’s home is located in NW London, Stanmore, Middlesex


Nearest tube station is on the Jubilee Line, Stanmore station


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