private Physics tuition

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Private tuition covering all required curriculum aspects of Physics - including theory and logical understanding, practical solutions, tests & exam preparation. Intensive revisions and hands on exercises. The tuition is based on initial consultation and evaluation of the student's needs, targets and the individual best way to get there.

Experienced gained over the years with GCSE Physics, with most of exam boards. 


Physics - GCSE

  • Energy
    • Energy transfer
    • Using energy
    • Electrical energy
    • Generating electricity
  • Waves
    • Sound
    • Electromagnetic waves
  • Nucleus
  • Motion
  • Forces
  • Work, energy, momentum
  • Electricity
    • Current electricity
    • Mains electricity
  • Radioactivity
  • Physics for work
  • Magnetic fields
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Exam preparation

  • Practice papers
  • Understanding and Memorising formulae
  • Summaries and summary cards
  • Practice question
  • Improving exams time management
  • Managing pressure
  • Building self-belief and confidence


The tuition is delivered either at the tutor's home, student's home, central London, or via internet (Skype) link – e-learning.

Tutor’s home is in NW London, Stanmore, Middlesex

Nearest tube station is on the Jubilee Line, Stanmore station

Exam boards

Extensive experience in all main exam boards syllabus and past papers. More so with AQA, OCR and Edexcel, mainly because they are more popular with schools Still, over the years, quite a fair bit of experience was gained with other exam boards, such as WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee), CIE (University of Cambridge International Examinations) and others. Special focus attention is given to the exam boards emphasis within a subject, exam papers styles and marking

  • OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations)
  • AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)
  • Edexcel