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What we do


First and foremost – we teach. We provide tuition in a variety of subject, to different age groups and at different levels. We support and complement schools and universities teaching, as well as provide new generic and technical skills.

We are dedicated to supporting students in their efforts to achieve their targets. As well, we endeavour to instil in students the curiosity and passion to their chosen subjects, whilst developing not only their knowledge and technical skills, but, as well, improving their learning habits and their future ability to tackle learning on independently, on their own.  

the target is always to bring out the full academic potential of every student. This is achieved through positive motivation and encouragement, supporting each student to achieve their very best.

We will work in parallel to enhance the subject knowledge, whilst focusing on proper self-studying habits, and acquiring suitable exam techniques.



When it comes to coursework, assignments, projects and dissertation, we will teach the students all the tools and elements which are required to achieve the successful completion of the task, to the highest grades required.

The tuition is based on the recognition and understanding that each student has their own way of achieving their highest possible results.  We fully recognise that in private tuition, the student does not have to compromise and can get the best tutor to suit their individual needs.  We try to accommodate the very busy and restrictive schedules of both parents and students, including boarding school students and distance universities. The aim is always to try to help the students achieve their targets.  

The Tuition is mainly one-to-one, but sometimes in small groups – mainly for courses, as well as support class teaching for specific subjects.



  • 11+ & 13+ entry exams
  • GCSE
  • Btech
  • A Levels
  • Under Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Mature Students
  • Business Enterprises


The tuition is delivered either at the tutor's home, student's home, central London, or via internet (Skype) link – e-learning

Tutor’s home is in NW London, Stanmore, Middlesex

Nearest tube station is on the Jubilee Line, Stanmore station






What we do