private tuition

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After an initial telephone conversation, it is highly recommended (if possible) to set up an initial, face to face meeting with the student (and parents – when applicable).

In this informal meeting, the student will have the opportunity to describe their achievements so far, difficulties and aspirations.  The tutor will discuss his experience, assess and evaluate the methods and time required in order to try and help the student to reach the student’s targets.

This meeting will enable the student, parents and tutor to decide if they wish to progress forward together. Possible initial timetable, which is suitable for both student and tutor, would be agreed upon. 

Study Plan

An initial assessment period and evaluation is desirable when possible and applicable. A study plan and sometimes a timetable will be set. The private tuition will attempt, when applicable, to catch up, match and be further ahead of the school/university schedule. To achieve that, the student will be required to follow a tight schedule, and to complete home assignments set by the tutor.

With regard to coursework, full support will be given in order to achieve the best possible grade. In preparation for GCSE and A levels, mock exams and past papers will be set in full exam conditions, and will be supervised.

Joint Dropbox

When required – the tutor will set a joint Dropbox storage space where the student will save their work. That will enable the tutor to follow, easily, the student’s progress. As well – it will be another way for the student to back up automatically their work.