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Learning Styles


Tuition is tailored to a wide range of needs and abilities with varied approaches. We take account of each student's most effective learning style to maximise their results, as well as the age, maturity and experience of the student.  


One to one and class teaching to a variety of age groups and different abilities - from 11+ entry exam in Maths, all the way to Business entrepreneurs and senior citizens.


Tuition focused on a wide range of needs and abilities - with variable approach, which among other things, is based on age and maturity of the student. from specific issues within a subject to a long-term plan for exam success or professional skills acquisition.

exercise and homework can be tailored as well to specific requirements.

Vast experience and success with a variety SEN - ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger Syndrome, Short term memory issues, mild Autism and more



Learning Styles