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Video Editing


Adobe Premiere Pro is a very powerful and versatile application within the Adobe Creative Suite. It works seamlessly with sister application within the Adobe creative cloud, hence produces an integrative and intuitive experience within the suit. We will teach, in our courses, how to get up and running with Premier Pro from start to finish – just so you can get the feel for the video editing application, and then delve deeper into the application.

Premier pro is an extremely popular video application, and is being used by anyone who needs to edit videos – from occasional user to professional production companies.

It is very popular, performs well and is very versatile. Our courses cover many elements – from interface via importing media, to audio editing, fine tuning, special effects and exporting in a variety of formats.



Beyond that – more advanced courses which result in a professional looking sites, with a cutting edge look and feel, smart graphics and added animation. The courses progress into professional looking, sophisticated videos.

Each set of courses can be tailored for the student’s requirements and tasks in hand, and can be delivered, normally in sessions of two to three hours each, over weekly meetings, or intensively over few day or weeks. Most courses will start at introductory, beginners level and move all the way through intermediate to an advanced level.

We aim to expand the set of courses we provide, taking into account professional trends, market trends, and contemporary, emerging technologies. Hence adding new courses to our portfolio. Please enquire with us about elements which are not listed yet on the web site.  

Video editing courses cover a variety of elements, some of which are listed herewith


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Video editing courses

  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Sony Vegas
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The tuition is delivered preferably at the tutor's home - which is equipped with everything which is required for efficient 3D courses delivery -multiple computers, overhead projector, strong internet connection and more. However - tuition can be delivered at the student's home - if the learning environment is appropriate for our courses.


Tutor’s home is located in NW London, Stanmore, Middlesex


Nearest tube station is on the Jubilee Line, Stanmore station

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  • 13+
  • GCSE
  • A levels
  • Under graduates
  • Post graduates
  • Businesses
  • Professionals